1. cerisier
    Gallery Six / stabilo (speaker gain teardrop)

  2. gasansui

  3. meandering flow
    Gallery Six / stabilo (speaker gain teardrop)

  4. meltwater
    Gallery Six / stabilo (speaker gain teardrop)

  5. silent snow
    Gallery Six / stabilo (speaker gain teardrop)

  6. Sequence
    Sound Awakener & Gallery Six

  7. This disconsolate world

  8. sunny garden walk

  9. below the surface

  10. natsugasumi

  11. her whereabouts

  12. veiled in the morning haze

  13. The sky is starting to clear up

  14. pastoral green

  15. grainy flow

  16. life in the lush green islands
    Gallery Six and Domonoise

  17. underneath the moon

  18. fairy tale

  19. In the quietest time ep
    Gallery Six / stabilo (speaker gain teardrop)

  20. rains never stay

  21. ambiguity

  22. everything is from the ocean

  23. sleep late at night

  24. bud flush

  25. a blue sunny day

  26. The color gently fade away

  27. incompatibility

  28. down the stream

  29. Watercolor

  30. cirrocumulus (for Tim David Brice)

  31. Hiroshima

  32. ideal and reality

  33. The leaves are turning red

  34. crystal lagoon
    Futuregrapher, Gallery Six & Veroníque

  35. supernatant

  36. Between Spaces - album sample
    Lights Dim with Gallery Six

  37. lost property

  38. climbing to the top

  39. Little Steps
    Twisted Perspective with Gallery Six

  40. Young City EP
    Lights Dim with Gallery Six

  41. in the afternoon

  42. frontal cortex

  43. Shizuku

  44. 千の森湖に、日出づる - The sun rises in thousands of lakes and forests
    Augustus Bro & Gallery Six

  45. Re_(from a cape)

  46. Blue Ash Glaze

  47. Moon EP
    Lights Dim & Gallery SIx

  48. atomoleclue

  49. Re-born?

  50. Waterproof
    Futuregrapher & Gallery Six

  51. Pebbles in the sky
    Lights Dim, Gallery Six

  52. shadow and truth

  53. EPV_071

  54. invisible

  55. landscapes

  56. morgunn

  57. early works


Gallery Six Japan

Hidekazu Imashige aka Gallery Six is an artist and composer who lives in Hiroshima, Japan.

He began his career as a musician playing drums in some rock bands, then in 2008 he started making ambient music releasing the "Invisible" EP on Twisted Tree Line (UK), "Element Perspective 071" on Element Perspective (Japan) and some self-released albums.
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